Friday, January 7, 2011

Summary of 2010

Inspired by Sharon ( I make a little review of last year’s sewing.

Pieces made:
Tops: 11
Skirts: 5
Presents: 5
Dress: 1
Coat: 1
Accessoires: 1
Bag: 1

So on average that is two pieces per month and that is exactly what I had aimed for. About half of them are quite basic pieces that can be worn on a regular basis, I am very happy about that. The rest is either special (paranimf dress), or I gave it away (the presents) or can not be worn at all – and I don’t mean the bag by that!

A highlight sewing wise in 2010 was in August the meeting with online sewing friends in London (,7881.70.html). People who enjoy spending hours just in the textiles section of the V&A museum. Fabric shopping with people who like fabric shopping!

2011 Sewing Goals:
With my thesis to be finished, I don’t think I can keep up this productivity. I will probably move this year, and be temporarily without a paid job, so a good resolution will be:

1) I am only allowed to buy fabric for one new project after I sewed two things from stash/UFO. Purchased fabric has to be used within three months.

Looking at my “pieces made” list, the number of tops reflects my actual needs quite well, but I made so many skirts while I mainly wear pants:

2) Sew pants. Wear skirts more often.

Finally, Sharon made a nice collage in her annual review of the pieces she made last year, and I can’t.

3) Take photos of everything I made. Show photos here and at

Happy 2011!


Sharon said...

I love your tops and intend to copy some of your neckline finishes.

Download Picasa and it will do your collage for you, makes it so easy.

kbenco said...

You have made such gorgeous things. If you took more photos we could admire them more! (I like Picasa too)
Meeting you in London was a highlight of my year. I really fancy your giant floral silk. Good wishes for your thesis.