Sunday, February 28, 2010

SWAP 2010 progress

I am not going to finish the whole SWAP within the deadline, but the rules inspired me to find this striped jersey. I am not sure though what to do with this raglan shirt pattern. The pattern piece on the left is the front, the one in the middle is the sleeve, and the pattern piece on the right is the back. The back and sleeve can be easily matched in the raglan-seam, but the front parts have different angles and will not match like this.

Should I
- sew it up like this, accepting that the stripes will not match in the front?
- find a different shirt pattern that can be matched?
- try to change this pattern so the stripes match?

Wedding outfits

For the ceremony itself I wore the cardigan, and made a skirt form the remaining dress fabric, partly using the shiny side outside, partly using the dull side. I made the coat literally last minute from fabric my mother had bought ages ago. First she started to make a cape from it, but gave it to me as an UFO. I tried to make a duffle-coat type of thing from it, but also kept it in UFO state for years because it looked like a bathrobe. My wedding was a new motivation to make something more shaped from it. I had not dared that before because I did not want to destroy the embroidery.