Thursday, January 24, 2013

You may congratulate me

Remember how I always said I can't sew so much, because I have to finish my thesis? I have finished it. It got approved, printed, I defendend and I have my PhD-title!
We were back in Europe for the defense, it was nice to see all the people again. Of course I made my promovenda-outfit myself.
Here is a better view of the jacket. My first (or my first successful) lined jacket. The pattern is from a Knipmode magazine several years ago. The fabric is a wool satin with self stripe.
The dress is the same I wore as the "supporter" for my husband's PhD defense. I had to let out the side seams of the dress, because...
... I needed room for a baby-belly! I am already more than halfway the pregnany. We are now back in New Zealand and I have plenty of time to sew the new clothes I need!