Thursday, December 30, 2010

1st SWAP item 2011

I just made a T-Shirt which may be the first item im my SWAP collection.

The pattern is 2005 from Jalie, the view with the boat neck and 3/4 sleeves. I made it before in a black bourette silk knit (
The fabric is a rayon knit in a nice deep tomato red.

A technique new to me is Marcy Tiltons method to hem knits. In London ejvc showed me a shirt where she used it, and it is a good alternative to using twin needles, where I always have problems with the thread tension. You serge (or zigzag) a stripe of fusible interfacing, sticky side up, to the wrong side of the fabric. Assemble the shirt as usual. Then iron the hem up, and topstitch two parallel lines.

what I wore with christmas

This is what I wore with christmas. During travelling to my parents, I wore a striped longsleeved T-Shirt (with a fleece cardigan over it). The pattern is "Zoela" from Farbenmix, but I changed the raglan seams so that the stripes matched.

On christmas eve, for the dinner and the exchange of presents, I wore a skirt from a wool mix, the fabric is double faced with two shades of green, I used both sides color-blocking. The pattern is from schnittvision collection 1. The red shirt is also selfmade, from silk jersey.

To church I wore this tweed skirt, again a double faced fabric of which I used both sides, this time with a wave shape (from an ottobre magazine in 2006).