Thursday, December 30, 2010

1st SWAP item 2011

I just made a T-Shirt which may be the first item im my SWAP collection.

The pattern is 2005 from Jalie, the view with the boat neck and 3/4 sleeves. I made it before in a black bourette silk knit (
The fabric is a rayon knit in a nice deep tomato red.

A technique new to me is Marcy Tiltons method to hem knits. In London ejvc showed me a shirt where she used it, and it is a good alternative to using twin needles, where I always have problems with the thread tension. You serge (or zigzag) a stripe of fusible interfacing, sticky side up, to the wrong side of the fabric. Assemble the shirt as usual. Then iron the hem up, and topstitch two parallel lines.


sdBev said...

Very nice. Does the same technique work well with a twin needle? I'm gonig to have to try it.

Jen said...

I used iron-on hem tape today, so a similar technique, but fusible interfacing is a great idea because we're more likely to have that at home. Lovely top, very flattering!!

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent way to hem the knits. Very nice indeed!


kbenco said...

Smart t shirt. The hem turned out very nicely. I have not tried this trick yet.

Ann said...

Smart t-shirt and great hemming technique. Will have to try it.

Ruthie said...

Beautiful colour for you and a lovely finish!