Friday, September 14, 2012

Zoela edition 13 and 14

And... I finished another two pieces, which had waited only for hemming and neckline binding for a year. I am trying to enjoy my free time, but am quite nervously waiting for the feedback from my supervisor, how much work do I still have to do on my thesis?
This is a simple pattern for a longsleeved knit top with raglan sleeves. It is from the German company Farbenmix. I have made it many times, now I have eight of them in my current wardrobe but remember six other versions I had made and worn until they were "over". The black and grey fabric consists of two layers, the outer layer has holes that show the fabric underneath. It feels soft and warm.
The other fabric is by Hilco, it has been shown in at least two European pattern magazines last year, but I bought it when I saw it on the saleswoman in the local fabric shop. I was careful not to place a circle on my bustpoint.
I have used various neckline finishes on "Zoela" over the years, but this time followed the instructions: Sew the neckband, folded in half (or would that be "folded double"?) to the outside of the neckline, turn up and topstitch the seam allowance down with a triple zigzag.
The fabric choices are quite bold for me, and I think that is the reason why I have not finished them earlier. I'll probably wear them layered.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Light layer for warm weather

I just finished a little cotton knit jacket.
I had realized in Italy 2009 that I need light layers for hot weather, especially for the airconditioning that comes with it in many places. Thus, this pattern from Dutch Knipmode magazine made its way into my SWAP plan 2010.
It got cut out, but then it was winter and I never experienced hot weather again until I came to New Zealand! I made it from a heavy interlock with lycra. I am not a person who wears ruffles a lot, but I like them with the asymmetry. To be safe I paired it with cargo pants. Anyone got more ideas for summery layers (materials, patterns...)?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Finishing: my first jeans

I haven’t sewn in months, since we came to New Zealand, except for a bit of mending, bathroom curtains and such. I have been working on my thesis, but yesterday I sent the last chapter to my supervisor, and now I am waiting for his feedback on what I still have to change so we can send it to the reading committee. First day of guilt-free sewing in ages! I am obviously in a kind of “finishing” mode, as I pulled out some UFOs and suddenly felt the urge to finish these jeans. I started them more than two years ago, with my old sewing machine, which I could not get to sew this thin stretch denim. The inside is a mess, and when it came to making a buttonhole and sewing on belt loops, I gave up.
My new machine can handle the denim. The pattern is from schnittvision, you print it out according to your personal measurements. I bought the CD because I hoped for a good fit in pants. But now I remember why I was not so keen on finishing them. I had sewn on the back pockets following the pattern placement, but they are very far apart, and a bit too small, very unflattering. Unfortunately, I had been overenthusiastic and had already hammered on rivets to reinforce the top of the pockets, so I can not fix this. I will call these my laundry-day-jeans.
I also finished these shorts, I had started them at the end of the summer last year, but got interrupted and then there was no need for them any more. It was supposed to have ties in the front but I could not find the pieces any more, so just used elastic. They are from a burda pattern, the fabric is a nice poplin with a floral print.
Next in line is a light layer for summer, which had not made it past the cutting stage. It is actually nice to have some UFOs prepared for the day that you need some feeling of accomplishment quickly.