Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Light layer for warm weather

I just finished a little cotton knit jacket.
I had realized in Italy 2009 that I need light layers for hot weather, especially for the airconditioning that comes with it in many places. Thus, this pattern from Dutch Knipmode magazine made its way into my SWAP plan 2010.
It got cut out, but then it was winter and I never experienced hot weather again until I came to New Zealand! I made it from a heavy interlock with lycra. I am not a person who wears ruffles a lot, but I like them with the asymmetry. To be safe I paired it with cargo pants. Anyone got more ideas for summery layers (materials, patterns...)?


velosewer said...

The way you've styled this outfit balanced the ruffles with the cargo look. The cardi style is really interesting because of the lines. It's good.

SewRuthie said...

Oh what a fun cardigan. The ruffles really add interest in the front of an otherwise very simple top.