Friday, April 29, 2011

A few small projects

I sewed up some small quick projects.

A bag for my Yogamat, from fabric I found in my stash when sorting through it for the fleamarket on Queensday.

New covers for two bolsters I had also made myself. I bought the fabric at Liberty's when I was in London the first time. Had pictured a kind of 50s dress, but - get real!

And sleepshorts from fabric I bought in Alabama, with a fun print of Getas (Japanese "Flip Flops"). The pattern is called "perfect fit sleep shorts" in the book "One yard wonders", drafted according to individual measurements. They fit but I prefer a more advanced pattern even for shorts, for example from the crotch down goes a vertical line and does not curve back to the leg. Still o.k. for the pupose of sleepshorts or for an attempt to get a tan on the balcony.

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