Sunday, November 7, 2010

Previous Travel wardrobes

Travel wardrobes are most challenging if you are not familiar with the climate, and when you have a lot of different activities.

For planning the next travel wardrobe, I recall what I learnt from trips the past years.

UAE in November
Learnt: Covering up was not everywhere as important as I thought, Would have liked to be more stylish, sometimes felt frumpy. Do not pack things you would not wear at home.
Good items were:
- Ankle-long nylon/cotton skirt was decent, comfortable, airy, feminine and dried quickly after washing
- Cute short-sleeved white cotton blouse
- Teva’s, and closed shoes for the evening

Florence in Italy in July
- Always have something (not in the laundry) to cover legs and arms in the evening against mosquitoes
- Bring a jersey cardigan against exaggerated air-conditioning
- Sandals can be too warm, need flip-flops
Good items were:
- Knee-long linen skirts with complementing blouses
- No jeans and jacket necessary, brought detergent and was able to travel with hand luggage only

Japan in January, South, middle and North
If it hadn’t been a relatively “warm” winter, I could have lost some toes on Hokkaido, need Canadian boots
Good items were:
Two warm cardigans (1 for “nice” from wool, 1 fleece), two pairs of pants (1 jeans, 1 “thermo”), longsleeves from silk, rayon, merino, and cotton with silver, longjohns…

Coldest day on Hokkaido

Warmest day on Kyushu

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