Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Comparing European pattern mags and sizing

A member of stitcher's guild on artisanssquare, bessiecrocker, made an overview of the measurement charts of different European sewing pattern brands.
She offered her table for posting on a blog, and here it comes!

P = Patrones
M = Marfy
B = Burda
O = Ottobre
K = Knipmode
V = Vogue

**Marfy, Patrones and Vogue size numbering systems are different! Measurements matched for bust.
All measurements in centimenters. 10 cm equals 4 inches. 1 inch approx. 2.5 cm.
Onion patterns same as Burda, except 2 cm bigger at the hip (but Plus sizes may be different)

Main coclusion is that the differences are small looking at the measurements. Concerning fit, Ottobre is a bit shorter in the waist, Knipmode assumes a taller and more curvy figure, Marfy and Patrones are designed for a more tight fit even when correcting for the different numbering system. I found that I can cut a size smaller than my measurents suggest for burda bottoms.

When I have time I will add Knipmode plus, tall and petite measurements.
I also tried to find an overview of "European" sizes vs. Italian, UK, US etc., but did not find consistent information.
If anybody can correct or fill in info or share your experience with fit, please do so!

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