Saturday, October 24, 2009

SWAP 2010 planning

I Digged out my blog again to share my plans and progress in the SWAP contest:, 8747.0.html

If I try to be realistic, I think I can't join the SWAP this time. I have too many other sewing plans. Most importantly my wedding dress. Something nice for Christmas. Some warm clothes for a winter vacation. My outfit for my husband's PhD-defense. And I can not make much time for sewing because I have to work on my own thesis, too!

Also, concerning my daily wardrobe, at the moment it is wiser to sew pieces to combine with things I already have. But for hot weather ... I do not even have enough pieces to fill in gaps, there is just one big gap and a SWAP would give my summer wardrobe a quick start. After the rules were posted, I had a 2-dresses-plan four hours later, I could not help it, I love planning. I think of a classy style based on black, beige and brown and white with some rust, and some Asiatic elements. This sounds pretty much like what I had planned for my first SWAP, but now for summer. Back then I made the mistake to try to include garments for all seasons.

I participated in two SWAP and never finished, but I made some of my most useful clothes and fabrics from these plans, also long after the deadline. Summer clothes are quick to sew ...

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