Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I finished my devoré velvet skirt! I wore it at my cousin’s confirmation, after I hemmend it during the train ride to his place. The boys decorated the front garden with regional flags from the European west coast. On the photo I am standing in front of a flag of the northern German islands. “Rüm Hart, klaar Kiming” means “Big heart, clear view”, something like that in a regional language.

The velvet is from rayon with a silk back so I could etch out the twig motif, which comes from the batik I am going to use for a blouse. I took the pattern from a good-fitting purchased skirt. The lining is white for the contrast. The shirt pattern is from burda magazine august 2006. It has a shawl collar that becomes bands that are wrapped around the body. I made it from wool jersey.

These are garments number 3 and 4, additionally I have a pair of pants almost finished and two tops cut out, so I’m never going to make it before the deadline. I had thought that in spite of my busy work I could make 11 garments if I sewed one day per week on average, but I did not think of the people coming to visit and the family celebrations in the weekends, and the time it took to change my bedroom into my office/sewing room and vice versa… So now my plan is to finish until the end of the year by making about one SWAP-garment per month. Another resolution: I am only allowed to buy new fabric each time I used three fabrics from my stash.

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Audrey said...

I really like your skirt and the design you "burned out" with Fiber Etch.