Sunday, November 20, 2011

flight pants

I made pants for the flight to New Zealand.

The pattern is from Loes Hinse, the Oxford pants.
I made the waistband lower, and made a combination of elastic and unelastic band in a tunnel.

The fabric is a dark brown ponte di roma knit from mainly rayon.
I hope these are as comfortable as but look better than sweat pants.
I will try them out on a ride on the night train next weekend.
They will go with the beige striped longsleeve I made last year and another brown-teal striped longsleeve I made in September from the same pattern, my TNT Zoela from Farbenmix.


kbenco said...

They look just right, but maybe a bit hot if you are going via Singapore and it happens to be a 30 degree day when you arrive in NZ. I would pack a knee length summer weight skirt in my carry on for a quick change if needed!

Hen said...

Thank you for the advice. I am afraid I don't really realize what hot weather means.