Sunday, July 17, 2011


I made several gifts the past month.
A name banner for the baby of a study friend of mine:

The measurements are from the book "One Yard wonders". I glued on the felt letters with textile glue. The numbers are pinned on and exchangeable, now they show the date of birth but can be changed to show the age. I also made a little bag to store the banner in, and the other numbers. The fabric is from Liberty, my brother bought it for me one christmas, I think he had little clue what to buy (when I was in London earlier visiting him he waited outside Liberty), but everybody in the shop seemed to want this, so this is what he chose. I still have some fabric left. Maybe I'll make something for his daughter from it one day. But this banner was a lot of more work than I thought!

For my sister, who is travelling a lot, I made a little pen case with an elastic to fix it to a notebook. First photo shows the miniature pens that should go into it, and my paper model.

Then I made a test model, to figure out how to sew together the outer fabric and the self-fabric lining, because I challenged myself to make it so that no stitches are visible on the outside.

And here is the finished thing.

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